GRANDEUR MIDDLE EAST was incorporated in 2002 with the Department of Economy Development of Dubai (DED) and subsequently re-registered in 2006 and licensed as a Free Zone Company - UAE. Our traditional business model is based upon pure trading concepts. We began our journey by assisting the demands of the local market using our strong contacts with trusted suppliers. Grandeur has grown into a diversified establishment with our focus in trading, procurement, interior fit-outs, logistics, and man power management.

The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line--it's a middleman.

Grandeur Middle East
, headquarters in Dubai, UAE, is placed in an ideal location to be able to coordinate and execute projects in different parts of the world. Our head office can communicate closely to the European/African countries on one side to the Asian markets on the other side.

Grandeur has been a pioneer in the supply of Building and Chemical Products in UAE and across 23 world markets. With a strong presence in the Middle East, we represent various factories from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Indonesia, India, and China. Our products vary from A-Z in the building products field. Our forte is in Porcelain Tiles, Sanitary products, Hotel supplies and other finished materials used in both residential and commercial sectors of the market. Having our procurement office in Foshan, Guangdong, gives us the opportunity to be able to source and meet any requirements of our clients.

GRANDEUR has successfully executed number of projects in India and Africa including supply of finished products to several large-scale projects such as malls, office complexes and schools in Uganda, five star hotels and furnished apartments in Rwanda, residential and commercial projects in Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

GRANDEUR in the year 2008 decided on a comprehensive backward integration in the Construction and Ceramic Industry headed by
Ashwin Puthran.
With our technical expertise, we have added Raw Materials such as Kaolin Clay, frits, glazes, rollers and machine parts that are extensively used in the Construction, Chemical and Ceramic Industry. Presently, we are catering to the markets of UAE, KSA, Oman and India.

GRANDEUR in the year 2015 expanded to Interior Fit Outs headed by Saahil Bangera. We are recognized for our complete design, procurement and installation service, managing the project from conception through to completion. Our customer service is second-to-none as we look at every single detail ensuring our completed work is designed for success.

GRANDEUR’S office in India - Aspen Global has ventured into Free-Trade Warehousing Zone (FTZ) in Mundra, Gujrat. This service has generated a lot of attention as foreign companies can stock their cargo/material in India without payment of custom duty or any taxes. This adds further value to our expertise in logistics thereby making global operations simpler for international entities.

has recently ventured into starting up a manpower management and maintenance company in Doha whose primary focus is in marble/granite/tile fixing. This gives Grandeur the opportunity to expand further in the field and further establish itself as a global entity.